Saturday, September 8, 2012

quick trip to Ikea

Fixing, changing, painting...
I never stop moving stuff around.
Ikea there we go again!

And after so see,
Jcrew bubble necklace everywhere, 
I decided to surrender to it and make a little investment, 
buying a replica on ebay for $ 10, 
and I think I could have all the colors!
I really liked it,
it feels light,
 and it's an extra protection to the deep-V :o).
maxidress - J.Crew

Clicked by my best "free-lancer" photographer - my little man:
 Have a lovely day!


  1. You look lovely,i regret not getting the dress!

    1. Thank you Ina! There still time, it may pop back some day soon, you will need an XXS! :o)


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