Monday, June 13, 2011

OOTD - 06/11/11-Sand + Anthro fitting room



Fitting room:
I've being looking for some maxi dress for his Summer,
that keep me all put together and I went to Anthro to try specially this one:
I'm so in love with this dress...
(not with the price tag!)
buy the fabric, the feeling, the print, the fit...

size 2
size 4
size 2
size 2

size 4

everything is perfect!
I sized down on this dress for a better fit on the bust area.
I cannot make the knot very tight on size 4 making the "view" more open.
Size 2 fits the same overall,
  but not showing off everything to everyone :-)
Can you notice the difference?

I also tried the:
Top Sail Maxi Dress
I likey it!
Size XSmall.

Nice and easy striped long dress. 
Very long...
Pricey though :-(.

Size Small

This dress is much prettier IRL than in my pictures, believe!
It has a very good coverage on the bust area (that's what I'm looking for!) and the fabric is heavy,
 good feeling.
Maybe on sale.

No maxi but very pretty dress:
I like the black & white
Size 6
but my eyes shine for the Multi color:
This print is so Summer!
Loveth it!

Last I tried this blouse:
City Cousin Blouse

Size Small

But completely in LOVE for the orange color:

Also I've had lots of fun with my new kitchen's toy...
A great helper
Thread Doralice (recipe from my aunt!)


 So moist!
All I have left after a couple hours :-)

Pizza too!
Home made whole wheat pizza...
I need to improve on this one!
Have a great day!

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  1. Forget the dresses--the bread and pizza look SO awesome! LOL You know that's killing me b/c I'm not eating bread! :P But onto the dresses...I love the first print one on you the best. And the 2 is the right size. Beautiful!


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