Thursday, March 17, 2011

green day + fish

Sea bass for dinner.
With the best cooks of the house.
  Nobody could make it better!
Poor little fish, was delicious!
Happy St. Patrick's Days !


  1. I do not know who looks more delicious- the boys or the fish, lol! What a delight to observe the little ones in a kitchen. Hugs from across the state to your lovely family!

  2. Thank you dear Slastena!
    My boys are craazzyyyy for fish and everything that lives in the water! If they could watch the fish all day, they would! Lol
    As soon as we bought the fish, they holded it all the way back home, helped me to marinade and watched the oven (they are my best “timer”) to not overcooked the fish!
    One of our best times on Summer is when we go fishing…ohh…they have a blast!
    Big hugs to you and yours!

  3. I'm so impressed that your boys handled a full fish. I'm afraid to do that. It looks like a great St. Patricks Day dinner.

  4. Sarah, hi!
    I got myself impressed with my boys when we went fishing for the first time! They held the fish alive and helped daddy put a warm on hook and everything else!!!lol
    Thanks for stopping by :-)


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