Monday, August 11, 2014

Fitting room

I found a few things to love at the new arrivals:
Endless shirt, size 4 - I know looks big, but I can't size down because of my  girls. This shitt is very soft with a hint of stretch, love the pique cuffs, I might need to professionally make it shorter.
I think it has many ways to wear with leggings, skirts, shorts...just endless options!
Love the Toile sweatpant, size xs, perfect length ( I'm 5'tall), but it may be too short for some.
Cotton is very comfy and soft -love it with the drapey studded parrot tee, size small -tts - both on my wishlist!
Mixed média sweater in heather dusk, size xs,
Very nice fit and cute, I wish they had it in petite :-)
Camo shirt, size 8, is big but the da gave me to try something with the white shirt, I think is tts and I will need my regular
Boy shirt size 6. Lived it! It has a washed look :-) - it's not online yet.
Sleeveless drapey top, size 4, tts, so perfect! Nice fit and silk is smoth.
This pleated lattice skirt is lovely, size 6, tts and it fells great.
Love this distressed quartz color most, so romantic and delicate - the top is The popover  in California poppy, that is on sale and I'm wearing size small ( xs is the best fit).
Cute skirt - love it!
Have you found something to love on this newe arrivals?! Well, my wish list is big $$$ by now - thnx JC!
Have you all a lovely day!


  1. Thank for the reviews Andrea!
    Love the skirt and the camo shirt!

    1. I have to try the popover in california poppy with the pink skirt.Thanks for the idea!

    2. The camo shirt is so much fun Ina, you will love it! The skirt I want the distressed quartz and the navy print :-) so pretty!

  2. All so pretty! What did you bring home? I just got my rewards so I will have to go to the store soon!

    1. I got my rewards and already spend on a schoolboy in black SC! I didn't get anything right now, but I want the lattice skirt in distressed quartz ( and the navy printed), the toile sweatpants, the camo and endless shirt - love the bird tee (if goes on sale) - I'm in trouble! Xoxo

  3. thanks for the reviews! i am drawn to the track pants this season.

    1. Me too, and this pants is so much fun IRL!


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