Wednesday, November 6, 2013

OOTD + B&M + Jacquard-Stitch Fair Isle sweater

Last Sunday I had some time for myself at the city, and found some new stuff at the B&M in NY:-)
Jacquard-stitch Fair Isle sweater, size small, color Cerise Acorn Turquoise.
Love the color and fit, 100% wool, it's not itchy and it's generous in size. I didn't grab XS to compare or comment, but I think it's the right size.
Also comes in Nafural snow dusk color:
I really liked it, even it's too pale and like "blah" color at first look, but it looks better on than on the table ;-).
I also tried the Textured-stripe sweater in grey:
Size small, thin, loose fit.
I liked it more on the model and online than on me irl, I feel sloppy and the color didn't go much on me.
LOVE this necklace bellow:
Not too big,
Clear stones, 
Just perfect. I'm Looking for something like that for a while, there is another one online that I was looking to find - crystals blooms  necklace- and both has and okm $ ;-)
Now, the pants I was looking for to try it on:
Matte crepe drawstring pant, size 4. Very comfy and size 2 was a better fit on the front and length, but rear area only in dark colors! This color is very bright, pretty thought.
On sale for $69.99 in stores.
Perfect shirt in papaya paisley:
Size 6, tts, very nice cotton- love the print! $59.99 in stores.
Next, the Shirttall. Mini in wool;
Size 6, tts to small bc of the high waist. Love the color and fit. In my wish-list:-).
Also on picture the Darby studded cap toe loaders-tts, love the color and fit ( I wish I dodnt have my patent leather loafer from SM...:-P). I had grabbed it if it was the navy, that I though it was black online pictures.
The printed airy wool scarf I so pretty!
Beautiful colors and print!
And last but not least:
This sequin sweatshirt is my best buy ever! Loveth and The use is countless! Pretty for any time!
All JCrew minus shoes bellow:
Have you gotten your Holiday rewards?!?! Any fabulous item in mind to spend with!?
Have a great day!!!


  1. I am digging the necklace. Just like you said, it's sparkly but not over-the-top large.

    1. It's very pretty and right size :-) I didn't see it online yet.

  2. Thanks for the reviews!
    Nice outfit as always!,,,

    1. Thank you Ina! Did you get your rewards?

  3. Of all the clothes I have, the sequin sweatshirt is one I wear a lot too. The things you tried on are nice but I love your OOTD, it's the best! :)

    1. TR- this sweatshirt is the piece that when I don't know what to wear he is perfect! Funny right!? Thank you fit the sweet comment :-)


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