Sunday, April 7, 2013

city mini & clare

Just got some good goodies from last 25/30% off FP,
that I want to share...

size 2,
same as mine city mini in wool, and one size small of my regular size skirts,
sturdy fabric, but it falls nicely.
it doesn't add to much weight imo,
as you can see on the pictures above.
it stays in place
 I add a belt and different top for you to have some idea,
and it will looks beautiful on those with waist :o)
even with no waist,
I still love this skirt!

Next is what I found on Crewlet that I love:
size small
$49.50 - $34.50 on promo online
paid $23 in store.
 color navy
here with Gabby top in dot (navy),
city mini in ripstop cotton (striped in navy),
and JCrew factory skinny belt in modern red.
 very cute,
longer than I expected,
three-quarter sleeves,
cotton and machine wash!!! YAY!
I have 2 or 3 navy cardigans, 
but all of them with print on it.
 This is my first plain navy cardi (I'd prefer long sleeves), 
that was so much needed in my closet.
very happy with it!
2 more things that I also love...

navy white
irl pictures to come...

items that didn't get so much love:
also coming next :o)

It's beautiful and sunny here,
what about over there?!
Have you all a lovely Sunday!!!


  1. The skirt looks nice!
    I didnt even see it online and have to check it out.I am always afraid of skirts with elastic,but you wear it well!

    1. Thank you Ina! I love the wool that I bought after Just Visiting :) tou should try, it will look nice on you!

  2. It looks so nice on you, and most certainly a skirt to 'live in' this summer, esp on those hot & humid days. I really love the white top you paired it with in the first pic's (kinda resembles bf merino style). Did you try the linen city mini's? I liked them but will wait for another promo (sent alot back-def kept straw brompton & espadrilles-spent way too much -what am I thinking sometimes? sitting firmly on grabby hands). ;P
    Thanks for the reviews Andrea!

    1. Thank you S! I really like this skirt as much as I do the wool one ( I fell in love after you told me about it!), but even with the promo still $ for a stripe skirt, hopefully I can grab it on sale ;) the white top is an old one from Express that I love, and its kind of the BF merino, but shorter. I have a lot goodies to wear this Summer, my closet is full...I'm like you "sitting firmly on grab hands" ! LOL I'm happy to know you got the straw Brompton! Its a nice size, isn't it? I need to try the spadrilhes and the city mini in linen that I know I will fell for...but I need to stary shopping my closet to wait for a good "sale" that I can't resit! :P xo


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