Wednesday, August 15, 2012

governors island

After I saw the post on Governors Island,
in the delightful nyctaughtme blog, 
I had to go check out this beautiful island with my boys, 
for a new adventure!
waiting for the boat,
and the only pictures I have from my outifit:
 This nail polish is "neon" pink-here,
not kidding.
Unfortunately you cannot see how bright it is on the 
 white tee-Loft; short-Madewell; handbag & jewelry-Jcrew; shoes-Coach.
And here we go...

My life
in full.

 they love to play golf!

so much fun...
My dream house bellow:

 lots of protection!

 huge inside!
nice yard righ in the front of the house!

what a beautiful view!

we loved it!

Time to go back home.bye bye so long very well!
We will be back!
Sorry for the heavy pictures,
but everything is so beautiful out there,
hard to choose!


  1. Thanks for the lovely pics! I am jealous,because you get to live in NYC:).

    Thanks again for your advice on the downtown field jacket,the xs is a perfect fit.Your reviews are the best!

    1. Thanks Ina for stopping by! I'm glad you love the downtown field jacket and the fit is great; it is a nice jacket, and I can't wait to see you wearing it! :o)

  2. You look so pretty w/your cute, stripe wearin' boys! The statue of liberty piece on the ground is a bit freaky. It reminds me of a scene from the original film Planet of the Apes.

    Thanks so much for the pictures! I love your outfit!

  3. I dressed my boys in stripe ('cause I love stripes, and thank God DH does what I ask most the time!), and because it is easy to locate them! LOL!
    They look cute, don't u think?!
    Thanks for stopping by my dear friend!


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