Monday, January 2, 2012

from last year..

I almost forgot about these pictures,
my outfit for a Friend's weeding,
late October of 2011.

Curly hair from early 80's-lol

acessories: J.Crew

Handbag: J.Crew

Battery Park, New York
Beatiful sunny day!

And for last, 
my beloved Icon Trench coat, J.Crew.
Have a happy and wonderful day!


  1. You look lovely Villasba!! I remember when you were asking for help in choosing the dress on pv (I hope I'm remembering correctly). Has your company returned home? Hope you had lots of quality time with your mom! :)

  2. justvisiting- thank you! You are right, I requested help on PV for the dress and the Alannah was the winner :-) LOVED the dress, and got the "real" Icon trench just in time for our friend's weeding (thanks to Walt-JC). I just felt weird with my hair, not much to do once the weeding was in the morning so, got it blow dry like that the day before and I couldn't believe it "stayed" like that for a few days...last time I remember having it curly like this I was in my 80's-lol- wow!
    My mom got here after the weeding in November and we are having a great time! Thanks for being so kind with me and remembering all this :-)

  3. Lol! I know what you mean about curly hair & the 80's! Sad for me my parents hang high school photo's in their home from that time period. Soo embarassing but I liked it at the time (or it's all I knew to do with my hair at the time) so I guess that's all that matters. Thank goodness I leave my straight hair straight now. Have a nice day. :)


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