Wednesday, May 25, 2011

striped blouson dress - update

After the presentation of music of my younger son at school,
 I went up to Jcrew in the city to return some pieces, 
to be honest ... 
"exchange" because I've had something on hold for me :-)

I was also with the idea fixed in try the Stripe Blouson Dress on again,
but this time in a size smaller than my "regular" size.
When I say regular size I mean my currently size - I always wear size 8 in dresses with zipper and small size knit/cotton dresses - a few months ago I realized that dresses size 6 fits me better (maybe because I lost a few pounds ...) and I also learned to always call Jcrew  CS for the measurements of the circumference chest between sizes to be sure before buying.
To my surprise the size 4 fits me perfectly, at least in the last 3 dresses I bought,
 except for some that is a petite 6 (still 4 right?!).
Last time I just tried the size 6, I don't know why,
 but today I decided to go with the size 4.

I particularly liked the fit of the size 4 better than the size 6 as the girl that helps me with all the stuff...
She was very sweet!

 I believe the Lace version  of te dress will fit in the same way,
 and it is more fitted than the stripe one IMO.
I would order petite still to keep the same length as in the model.
size 4
with jackie cardigan in Breeze color
As you can see it falls over my knees and I'm 5' tall, 
 a little shorter would be nice, what do you think?!
If you did not see a size 6 on me, check it  here.
I will love to hear your thoughts...
Have you  try this dress in store  yet?
Have a wonderful evening :-)


  1. A lil' shorter would be good. I like the size 4. You look awesome in it.

  2. Thanks Gigi! I prefer the 4 too. Just order the lace version in P6 :-)


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