Thursday, December 2, 2010


these last days I just keep forgetting that I have a blog and how many things I'd like to share with you bloggers and friends.
Preparations for Thanksgiving, 

one of my kids have the flu, 
my shopping list for Christmas and Thanksgiving sale!
So much to say "thanks"...
 We had a blessing time last week!
Delicious and tasty! 

My boys, our healthy...our family.
I decided to walk around with my mom on Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving,
just to see if it would be worth some of the promotions offered by some stores. 
Glad I did not have anything specific in mind, 
all the best deals were sold out everywhere.
Of course, 
I got at least 8 to 12 hours "late" once many stores opened at midnight on Thanksgiving,
but I was just strolling and having fun with my mom anyway.
In that wanderings all, I bought some toys for my boys and despite all the tempting offers in my favorite stores, I just bought me two graphic tees at Jcrewlet.
 It was a wonderful weekend.
I can't wait for Christmas!!!

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